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2015 Vintage

2015 Label

"2015 Vintage".....These two Namibian bull elephants(far right) help us to represent our 2nd vintage. On our 2015 Safari to Northern Namibia these TWO bull elephants came to a water hole we were at. We immediately knew that had to be on this year's Safari Creek label.

2015 Label

The vineyard starting to look its age, 2 years. Typically it takes 3 to 4 years to produce a crop. But some of the Safari Creek vines did produce their first grapes....small but a start.

Scott and Emily in Vineyard

Our 2nd year harvest as 4 cups....not enough....Sooooo...we return to the same Sonoma vineyard for our 2015 grapes. This year on Saturday August 29th, we harvested 1,100 pounds of Chardonnay grapes, a family event!!! (image#1:Dani, Eric and Kaitlyn; image#2:Scott and Emily; image#3:Emily and her girls(Kaitlyn and Courtney))

Dani and Girls in Vineyard Mom and Girls in Vineyard

Nick and Girls in Vineyard

1,100 pounds means a LOT of loads had to be pulled out of the vineyard......Nick and the Girls(Courtney and Kaitlyn)

Nick and Girls in Vineyard

Girls Stomp

Finally back home the Safari Creek tradition is to STOMP and Press. And who best to do this? Kaitlyn and Courtney as Grandpa, Scott and Emily watch!!!! The result...80 gallons....now only time will tell.

Kaitlyn and Girls in Vineyard